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Dunrobin Castle - Scotland

TOUR THE CASTLE (continued)

Queen’s Corridor
A watercolour by Eugene Lami shows a reception being held at Stafford House (now Lancaster House) featuring Queen Victoria. These parties were very fashionable and were known as Crushes; you put on your finest clothes and stood around chatting for a couple of hours, but you would not be offered food or drink!

The Ladies’ Sitting Room
The tapestries on the wall were commissioned for Queen Victoria’s visit in 1872, and a picture of Dunrobin is woven into the centre of two of them. Traditionally this room was used as a quiet place for the ladies of the house to pursue such hobbies as embroidery.

The Green and Gold Room
Features the first bathroom to be installed in the Castle

Day Nursery
A place where children amused themselves under the watchful eye of their nannies and nursery maids, not to mention a governess or two

Night Nursery
The night nursery has beds for two children

The Seamstress’s Room
Also the Haunted Room!

The Cromartie Stair
The staircase is known as a hanging staircase

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